Give Your Business What It Needs for Long-Term, Sustainable Success

The Locked & Lawyered® (L&L) Community is an online coaching community led by intellectual property attorney and business coach, Nakia Gray. The L&L framework is made up of 3 key components that are essential to building a successful business.

First, is mindset coaching. Why? Because many people believe that if they work hard enough they can be successful and wealthy. But here's the truth: Hard work just isn't enough. Most people work hard, but most people aren't wealthy.

We help you shift your mindset around working hard and working smarter. We coach you through how to take risks, bet on yourself, and move out of your comfort zone.

The second is business coaching. Why? Because you are really good at ______ {insert whatever it is that you do}. What you're not really good at is running a business because no one has taught you how to do it.

Because you don't know what you don't know, you have to learn the essential pieces to running a business.

The next component of the membership is intellectual property (IP) strategy. Why? Because your intellectual property is your ticket to wealth. We help you turn your expertise into a proprietary system that you can use to take your clients/customers from A to Z.

Once we've uncovered your valuable IP, we show you how to protect it and leverage it to scale your business to a million dollars and beyond.

Creating and leveraging intellectual property is how the wealthiest people in the world acquired their wealth and it's how I believe every single one of us should acquire ours.

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